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Be Organized:

Items that are to remain in the house should be labeled so there is no chance of loading them by mistake. If you plan to take some items with you, have them packed and loaded in the car or in a spare bedroom or closet. Make sure to post a sign indicating that these items are not to be moved. Be sure that all plane tickets, papers for house closing, car keys, etc., are in your possession.


Leave light articles of clothing in the drawers. If there are breakable items in the drawers, place them on top of the dresser so they can be packed properly. Keys, screws, and bolts should be placed in a bag and taped inside a drawer. Lock file cabinets and take the keys with you.

Clothing on Hangers:

Leave clothing on hangers in the closet. (If only a few things are to be packed from the closet, please separate them from the others or place them outside of the closet.) These will be placed into "hang-up" wardrobes.

Pictures and Mirrors:

For pictures and mirrors hanging on the wall by wire/nail, leave them hanging and they will be packed. You will need to take down anything attached to the wall by a screw, bolt, or nail driven into the wall. This includes shelving units, plant hangers, drapes, curtains and their rods, ceiling fans, etc.

Items in Kitchen Cabinets:

Remove perishables and liquids before packers/movers arrive. Leave all other items in the cabinets and the packers will pack them.

Perishable Items:

We cannot take these on the van.

Valuable Jewlery, Coin Collections, Furs, and anything else of high-value

Anything of high value, like jewelry, coin collections, and furs must be taken by you, and cannot be taken on the van. Also, take remote controls to TV, VCR's and stereos, which can be easily lost in packing paper.

Photo Albums:

Irreplaceable photos such as wedding or baby pictures should be taken by you.

Refrigerator and Freezer:

We ask that you unplug your refrigerator and freezer at least 24 hours before loading day. Leave the doors open; then take a hair dryer and blow-dry the inside of the unit. When this is completed, pour one cup of fresh, unused coffee grounds into some type of nylon stocking. Tie a knot in the sock and place one in the freezer and one in the refrigerator compartment. For upright or chest freezers, toss two socks in the unit and then close the door. This will absorb unwanted odors.

Safety Issues:

There are a few things we cannot take on the van for safety reasons.

Paint Lacquer
Motor Oil
Cooking Oils
Liquid Laundry Bleach
Nail Polish/Nail Polish Remover
Chemistry Sets
Cleaning Solvents or Ammonia
Lamp Oil
Propane Tanks or Other Fuel
Pool Chemicals
Poisons such as Weed Killers
Car Batteries
Loaded Guns

Don't Forget:

Be sure to empty all ashtrays and trash baskets/cans. When packing yourself, you must use sturdy boxes with lids. The tops and buttons must be taped securely. No trash bags can be accepted.

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